Today, let's talk about Sophie Dahl. 
A real Modern Country Girl.

I have the most enormously embarrassing girl-crush. 

Yes, Sophie Dahl at first seems to be utterly intimidating: A perfect face. A ramshackle-country kitchen. Extraordinary culinary skills. A modelling career. Oh, and she's Roald Dahl's grand-daughter. 

Everything to envy.....yet she somehow has a charm that makes us all fall head over heels for her doe-eyed loveliness. 

Sophie exudes warmth and homeliness; as though you could just pop by for a quick bite of whatever scrumptiousness it is that she's been rustling up that morning. 

{Why, thank you, Sophie, I will have a third helping.}

Sophe Dahl manages to at least appear to perfectly juggle the demands of a busy modern career with a calm, countrified home-life; and that in itself is a no mean feat!

Modern Country Miss.
What's not to love?

Images via: Cooking Up A Storm In A Teacup, Telegraph, SuperMomza, tumblr_m9wqvg8dxd1rsyisotumblr_m9wqvg8dxd1rsyiso, The Times, The Swell Life, Regan cameron