Good Morning my Friends! 

We visited our friends yesterday at their lovely apartment right on the beach. It was breezy and cold, but the views of the open ocean were amazing. Food was delicious and we were finally able to relax. There is no better time to spend your weekend.

Photo by Maya

Photo by Maya

Photo by Maya

I bought this rug to my office (which is right off the entry way). I was looking for something dark but not black, kind of washed off a bit, and I finally came across this inexpensive rug. I purchased it online and was a little bit concerned how it was going to look. But as soon as it was delivered, I was very pleased with it.

What do you think my friends. Do you think it was the good buy?

My office space is ever changing (just like the rest of the house pretty much), and i just started this process. I need to paint the desk again and finish it off with high gloss - by the way it was very inexpensive desk. The top was made from old closet sliding doors that we had to remove from each room in our house, and legs with trays were purchased at IKEA. 

I have more projects coming up and the biggest of them off (for now) is re-decorating room for my girl. That will be my gift to her for her 5th birthday. I will post all the pictures once is done. Deadline is March 24!

See you later my friends!