Although it's lovely to look at enormous homes, from time to time, it's good for the soul to see how size is absolutely not an issue when it comes to making your home beautiful; letting you feel inspired, rather than intimidated. 
After this house tour of a tiny extended two bedroom stone cottage, you'll see exactly what I mean....
Farrow and Ball front door and entrance

Now, won't you come in and make yourself at home?!

Farrow and Ball living room

This house was a wreck when the owners moved in. They've lovingly renovated every nook and cranny.

Farrow and Ball dining room

Oh, the kitchen....G:O:R:G:E:O:U:S!

Farrow and Ball kitchen

Farrow and Ball Mouse's Back

Farrow and Ball kitchen

When it came to choosing paint colours, they say this:

‘We really wanted to create a home that flowed perfectly from one room to the next,’ explains Charlotte. ‘I didn’t want a different feel in each room and wanted the type of colours that you would find in old faded floral fabrics: soft creams and greens and dusky greys.’ They settled on a limited palette of powdery, matt paint from Farrow & Ball, which they have used throughout the entire cottage. ‘We have mixed and matched with various shades to keep the look cohesive,’ says Charlotte, ‘and I also chose similar tones so that none ‘jarred’ against each other; that is also the advantage of using paint from one company, as invariably all of their colours sit well together.’

Farrow and Ball Green Ground bedroom

Farrow and Ball Tallow bedroom

I love the way that the kitchen and bathroom tie in so well together. 

Farrow and Ball Lime White bathroom

Farrow and Ball Charleston Gray

Very yummy and very Modern Country.

See what I mean about the size not being an issue.
{And wasn't it good for your soul?}

Images via Period Living