If there's one thing a Modern Country kitchen needs, it's an eye-catching cooker. Range cookers have a way of welcoming people into the kitchen, now the heart of every home, like nothing else can.

Just feast your eyes on this baby:

This is the Smeg Victoria Cooker...and I want, want, W:A:N:T one! Can you see me stamping my foot?!

It's the little details that count, that help with making up the bigger picture, and the Victoria range has those little details in abundance...

Smeg Kitchen Victoria

... the stylish controls, the cast-iron pan stand, the plate rack, as well as optional extras like the pizza stone and grill plate.

The panelled doors, with their pleasingly chunky handles, give more than a nod to the clean, austere lines of Shaker style but somehow manage to convey glamour at the same time.

By choosing the colour of your Smeg Victoria Cooker with thought, you can either add a touch of Modern to a rural kitchen (try the black, silver or red wine options) or, conversely, a touch of the Country to a contemporary kitchen (pick cream, pink or baby blue) 

The Victoria Range is an icon of real beauty, whether in the larger (TR4110) or the slimmer version (TR93). And what's surprising is that the smaller, at only 90 cm wide, has an almost identical oven capacity, meaning spatially-challenged kitchens needn't compromise on cooking space. 

The auxiliary oven on the right of the TR93 has masses of space, Smeg have packed in a whopping four different shelves. Count them...

And most importantly, the Victoria range cooker is not just a pretty face: both sizes of the cooker have now won the coveted Which Best Buy award for their roomy capacity, ability to heat up super-quickly, fuel consumption and exceptional cook and grilling qualities.

Tell me, is it possible to want a cooker too much?