Gwyneth Paltrow's new house.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin 
have bought a new house
and it's the epitome of Modern Country?
Fancy a peek?
Me too....

Let's go, banjo.

The whitewashed front features a white paved driveway and low-key topiary.

The house, which must be one of the coolest in the entire world, 
cost a mere $10.45 million.

I love these floor tiles - a Modern take on a classic Country chequered floor.
...and the view from other end...

Located on the westside of Los Angeles, 
it was apparently first listed for $11.96 million.

Why did no one tell me?
I sooo would have bought this.
Yes, with the petty cash I carry round in my back pocket.

What you don't carry $12 mill as loose change too?

Look at that patchwork throw tossed oh-so-casually over the chair. So snuggly!

Would you believe this is a new-build?
It has so much character and charm,
which we saw here is possible but pretty darn hard to get right.

And now on to very probably one of the nicest kitchens 
you will ever have the pleasure of seeing....

Brace yourselves...

Black pendant  lights and cool grey paint updates this classic country kitchen.

Wooooah, right?

Gwynnie's pad is designed by architect Windsor Smith,

and is predominantly decorated in a classic Modern Country palette of white and charcoal, with plenty of natural materials.

There's plenty of space to sit down to eat...informally....

...or more formally...

Can you see how beautifully the shelves are arranged? No detail is left to chance.

Gwyneth Paltrow's new home has six bedrooms and eight bathrooms....
more than adequate for their two children: Apple and Moses.
{yes, you read me right...Apple and Moses...}

The views from every window are just lovely.

Windsor Smith has struck the balance perfectly between grand and homely.
A tricksome path to navigate.

Another seating area?
Nope, just a gorgeous Modern Country bathroom. 

The outdoor space is gorgeous too.

Can you imagine sitting out here watching the sun set over a glass of wine?

And look!
Recognise those curvy rattan chairs from here?
I love mine!!

So...what did you think of 
Gwyneth Paltrow's Modern Country house?

Is it gorgeous
or is it gorgeous?