Today we're talking about what makes the perfect boot for YOU's one thing to look good on Gwyneth Paltrow but I want boots that make me happy every time I put them on. Are you with me?

First of all, when shopping for knee high boots, think about whether you'll want to wear jean tucked into your boots? Knee high boots should fit fairly snugly around the top so, you'll definitely want a more roomy fit to allow for the bulk of the fabric to be tucked into the boot. When I'm about to go shopping for boots, I wear an outfit that I'd typically choose to go with my dream pair so that I can see how well trousers, for example, tuck in. If knee high boots are too tight then tucked-in jeans will act as a rather fetching tourniquet, cutting off all circulation to your feet...not good! Plus the excess material will bag up around your knee. Double whammy no-no.

Secondly, choose sturdy material for boot-longevity. Butter-soft leather may look gorgeous for the first couple of months but the shape of your feet will soon press through to create bulges in all the wrong places. Likewise, I always, always, always steer clear of faux leather. It has no give so, unless the boots are divinely comfortable on first fitting, that's the way they're gonna stay. Blisters a go-go. 

Finally, good quality boots can last and last so choose classic styles that won't date. My absolute favourite boot-style is knee high with some kind of buckle details. Despite owning more than enough boots of this look, I cannot resist ogling more...such is the depths of my boot-yearnings. In fact, next up is my top ten booty-licious picks that I'll be sharing shortly...

What is it that makes your favourite pair of knee high boots perfect for you?