One of the most essential elements in creating any Flow-Through space is colourTo show you what I mean, let me show you this space..... 

Can you see how the colours are repeated in both rooms, even if in tinsy-tiny doses? The soft lime wall in the kitchen is picked out in the dining light shade. The off-black of the window frames is repeated in the small curtain in the kitchen. The cream of the chairs is echoed by the cream of the kitchen cupboards. The wooden worktops are carried through in the dining room table.

For a flow-through dining room space, you need to pick a palette and stick to it.

How do you do that? Follow me on our journey as I share my perfect Modern Country colour picks.

Don't you love that low over-sized pendant light?

And, speaking of lights, before we delve into those deliciously murky palette-picking waters, let me show you our new bedroom light. I simply can't wait another day...

Images via David Duncan Livingston