Welcome to a real cracker of a house. Shall we meet by the front door wearing our best Modern Country Outfits?

Oooh my! You look utterly divine in that dress. Let's step into the hallway where our real journey begins.

How's this for another fantastic Flow-Through set-up?

Yes, it's big - verging on the ginormous - and far bigger than almost every house in England (possibly even if they were all combined, so stupendously big is this home!) but there are a whole tonne of ideas to be gleaned from this mammoth space so bear with me.

They all centre, once again, around choosing a palette and sticking to it.

Here the palette chosen is predominantly white with accents of brown and occasional touches of black. And, ooh-la-laaaaa, it looks the biz.

If you're slightly uncertain about palette-picking then may I be so bold as to recommend that you go down this route too?

Why? Let me give you two good reasons.

1. It's easy-peasy to shop for. Gone are the myriad of confusing choices colour-wise. If it's white, brown, or possibly black then it will fit in, if it's not, then look away, my friend, just look away and move on. 

And 2. It's pipsqueak to switcheroo in the future. If you get bored with the layout then you could move any number of items from room to room and it would still look great. In fact, not just great, but FABULICIOUSLY great!

Now, look, sweeties, I know this series is meant to be about dining rooms, and it is, truly it is, but the rest of this house is eye-candy at its finest, so, if you don't mind, I'd like to take this discussion upstairs. 

Meet me in the hallway on Friday?

Images via Angie Green