Hello, hello, hello!

This weekend has been all about getting snug inside when outside it's snowing. Yes, snowing. It's meant to be Spring, Mr Weather-Man. Why, oh why, are we getting snow? 

Luckily, it all melted away sooner than you can say 'Can we get the sledges out, Mummy?' and we seem to be back to dull, grey skies for the moment.


Never fear. I have a Masterplan. Let's put aside our weather-worries and focus so hard on getting everything else looking lovely that we hardly notice the bleakness, shall we? Shake on it?

Now, we were just in the middle of extolling the colour brown when I left you last Friday, as part of this luscious home tour.

Rather unglamourous-sounding (unless you count chocolate associations, in which case, I'm all ears (or, rather, mouth...hoho!)) but just look at these images I've taken from our kitchen and dining room.

 I hope you'll agree that using brown to tie two or more rooms together can evoke a soothing and harmonious flow.

There is such a wide range of shades involved that it needn't feel contrived. We're not talking specific shades here. 

Brown stems so magically from nature itself, with all its subtle layers of colour blending beautifully to create a really stunning cohesive whole.

There are so many options for you to take away for use in your home. Let's see.....there's wood, obviously, in all its glorious forms.

And linen. And wicker. And rattan.

And any number of vintage bits and bobs.

And stone. And pottery.

The possibilities are as endless as the results are gorgeous.
Yup, brown is definitely up there in my list of Modern Country Colour Must-Haves.

All images: mine