First, let me apologise for my husband's disgraceful behaviour. Hijacking my blog? Who does that rascal think he is?

♥ ♥ *swoon* ♥ ♥

I felt such a lovely mixture of extremely embarrassed and extraordinarily happy. I'd say this would be an accurate portrayal:

Are you feeling it?

The blush? The giggling? The lurrrrve?

Anyway, ahem....moving swiftly on, now that V-day is over, shall we get back on track with a bit of Kitchen Delectability?

As a little reminder, here at Modern Country Style, we're going through, step by step, how to makeover a kitchen on any budget....with plenty of other delightful distractions along the way.

We've looked at:

and I do believe we're currently stopping off at:

Step 3: Colour Inspiration

I want the feel of my final colour choices to be calm and peaceful and this Kitchen of Serenity sums that up perfectly for me.

The Kitchen of Serenity has a very limited palette of white, pale grey and charcoal. So restful and gentle.

{L:O:V:E those pendants.}

The Kitchen of Serenity is spacious and airy. No clutter at all, apart from carefully placed objet de gorgeousness, as I like to call them, in an unbelievably pretentious fashion.

But, for reality's sake, I feel I have to ask 'Where's the kettle and the toaster?'

Is it a little bit *too* clean and clinical?

A bit *too* lacking in any colour or personality?

{What do *you* think?}

Images via Plain English