I have an announcement to make.

You are all cordially invited to:

 Modern Country Style's English Garden Party on Wednesday 9th February 2010.

Just to be clear....I am SO chilled out about what you can link up. Does it have to be a perfectly manicured garden? Nope. It can be a bunch of flowers, or some herbs, or dried flowers, or your winter yard, or some lovely outdoorsyness (no, not 'odiousness', Mr Spellchecker...) of your choice.

Out of my factory of fun, I have masterminded a new button....which is over on the righthand side of my blog, on the sidebar.

I will love you forever and a day if you grab the button (by copying the html code below it) and put it on your sidebar if you have a blog too.

Thank you so much.

Let it be known far and wide that I love Valentine's Day. Not the commercialised schmaltzy version but the loved-up coupley thing. 

Slow dancing. Red roses. Love letters.

Makes my tummy do a flip at the thought of it.

So, with that in mind, here is the first of my Valentine's offerings.

A Valentine's cushion celebrating our marriage together.

We got married at a gorgeous red-brick church 1999, Sussex, England. The sun shone for us and we absolutely glowed with happiness all day long.

I used bleached calico on the front and grey wool on the back for an envelope-backed Valentine's cushion.

I used a draw-thread technique to create the two lines on either side of the stamped section by pulling about ten or so complete threads out of the material. It creates a kind of ladder effect.

My top tip is do that bit afterwards. If you mess up on the stamping, you don't want to be repeating the pulling.

Don't ask me how I know or I'll growl. :-)

I love the combination of the two textures and colours: the soft charcoal wool and nubby off-white calico.

Perfect for snuggling up with, alongside this pearl-grey faux fur throw.

I used a mixture of vintage typewriter keys and standard alphabet stamps. I have a bit of a stamp mania going on at the mo.

Stamping everthing in sight I am.

I've already given this cushion as an early Valentine's present to Mr Modern Country and was utterly blown away when he said that he *loved* it.

Yes, he used those words. L.O.V.E.D. 

Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather. 

 And thank you so much to Cindy at Oakview Cottage for sharing my Modern Country kitchen makeover. Have you visited her blog? The photos she and her husband post there are awesome.......and she's LOVELY too. ;-)

Come back soon for some rosebud scrumdiddlyumptiousness.

Could there be anything more Valenitne-y than rosebuds?