Hello honeypops.

Now, where to start with this incredible kitchen?

And it is utterly incredible, isn't it?

It's from the film Something's Gotta Give.
I was so impressed with all the people that guessed correctly on Friday when I shared a copycat kitchen.

Round of applause for the film buffs!

I've gathered up all the pictures that I could possibly find of The Kitchen so that we can ♥swoon♥our little hearts out together today.

Group swoon....?

It's all so elegantly understated.

I love the matte soapstone worktops and the white Shaker units.

The subway tiles and the hardware.

The inset sink and the pendant lights.

The books in the island and the moulded top-cabinet supports.

The taps and the windows.


Yeah, I'll take it. Thanks very much....

Now, about yesterday's garden post, I've been thinking of throwing an English Garden Party for people to link up their gardens or flower-related ideas.

I'm just desperate for Spring to come and I thought it would be such a perfect way to herald it's coming.

I'm just putting the finishing touches to the button.

Speaking of finishing touches, I've just completed the most lovely Valentine's gift idea.

Wanna see?!

I'm a big tease, I know....