Our boiler is broken so we have no heating. This is the third day without my usually warm and snuggly house. Hopefully it should be fixed later on today.

Being cold makes me grumpy.....

So beware. I may bite!! ;-)

Anyway, enough of my grumbly rant.....but wasn't that a fab photo?

Quite a few of you asked about my little trick enabling you to click on a photograph to be taken to the relevant post.

It's not hard but it does involve some html high-jinks, which I'm sure fills some of you with pure joy!

But don't worry - it really is incredibly easy.

First of all, decide where you want your readers to be taken to when you click on the photo.

I want to take you to the post where I showed the tutorial of how to make a natural wreath so I went to that post on a separate page found that post and copied the web address in my toolbar.

Then upload your photo as usual (ta-daaaaa!):

Make sure that you've clicked on the html tab of your New Post and scroll down to where you find the photo's description in the html, which will start with:

a href="...."

The "..." part will give the reference of your photo. Mine was originally:

a href="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_9Mu-GlczlBo/TSR6IDEfEAI/AAAAAAAAB68/r_sxIb5ptw0/s1600/IMG_3504.JPG"

Delete the part between the "...." but not the speech marks themselves (ie.delete the bit I've rather stylishly highlighted in green).

Then all you have to do is to paste the web address you copied earlier in the exact same place as the writing you just deleted. In my case, I'll paste:

So now the html should read:

And there you have it! Your very own photo-teleporter system. Now you can click on the photo and it should take you to my Natural Wreath tutorial post.

Repeat as often as you want with other photos...

If you have any questions at all then please don't hesitate in letting me know.

If you like this trick, all I ask is that you love my blog forever and ever and ever..... harrrrr harrrrr (*evil laugh*).

I hope you're all well and keeping warm. Think of me in our cold house..... Cold even with three jumpers. Brrr....

First image: humour world