Hey honey-bunch.

At the weekend, we played hide and seek. I have to tell you the sweetest thing. When we'd finished playing, my littlest son said to his lovely Daddy:

"Daddy, I don't mind you hiding in good places but please can you not go anywhere magical."

Magical? I think he thinks his Daddy hides in Narnia.

Mr Modern Country, your hiding places are just too dang good.

Too cute.

Today, my thoughts are turning celebrity-wise.

To Nigella Lawson, in particular.

Wanna come and see? Nigella said we could....This is her saying that, for today only, her house is our house.....

Can I be sued for lying on here?


I've been trying to find some pictures of her kitchen to show you. Here are some of the best.....

This is her fridge behind her. Isn't it lovely with those hinges?

Something tells me Nigella is fairy-light-crazeeee.

By day or by night, she must have some fairy-lights....

I like her idea of displaying her cookie-cutter collection on her kitchen shelves.

Now, Nigella, we do love you but you do just keep getting in the way of the camera.

Please will you just keep your head out of the photo for one second so we can have a proper nose around your kitchen?

Nigella said no.

It's her kitchen, and she'll show off if she wants to.

Oh wait, one last thing, Nigella We've noticed that you don't have many recipe books.

How wonderful to see that you can be so frugal.

Oh? Errr......

That's a lorra lorra books.

But....yummy.....this more than makes up for it. Why, thank you, Nigella. Don't mind if I do.

Can't wait to see you again soon for more kitchen delectability.