Mishta & Anirudh
Today under Rang Decor Reader's Creative Spaces, I take you to a colourful Goa-inspired home in Bangalore.
entrance porch
Entrance Porch...

Mishta and Anirudh are a 30-something couple, both designers, one a product designer and the other a graphic designer, decided to build over Anirudh’s family home’s existing ground floor bungalow on a 60 x 40 plot in Sadashivnagar, Bangalore.

The design of the house revolves around three courtyards and two trees.
avocado tree at entrance
Avocado Tree at the entrance...

mango tree courtyard
Mishta explains,"A courtyard on the second floor at the back of the house is carved out to let a mango tree spread it’s limbs...

main courtyard
...and a main courtyard, also on the second floor, at the front of the house, is designed to pay homage to Geoffrey Bawa’s tropical style with a pond and landscaping."

The over-arching theme of the house has been heavily influenced by the couple’s love for Goa, a destination they run off to, to recharge, every two and half months.

Mishta adds, "The idea was not to recreate a Goan house, but to pick Portuguese influences, through colour and form and combine that with the sense of an open Asian tropical house."
drawing room3
The drawing room...

drawing room4

dining room
The dining area...

balinese lamp at stairwell
Balinese Lamp against coloured glass at the stairwell...

master bedroom
The Master bedroom...

guest room3
Guest bedroom...

second floor lobby
Second floor lobby...

Mishta adds, "The main colour scheme for the house is yellow ochre and dark green. The flooring is cool green kota stone with small floral tiles inlayed at intervals.

Common passageways are in black and white checks. Rustic tiles in terracotta and green have been used in the flooring of the courtyards. Ceramic floral tiles were sourced from Spain and fitted into niches in all the courtyards."
Custom-made nameplate tiles from Velha Goa...

Mishta & Anirudh~ Thanks for sharing so generously photos of your vibrant home with readers of Rang Decor.

P.S. If anyone has any queries regarding Mishta and Anirudh's home, feel free to ask in the comments section.

( Images by Mishta Roy)