Hello again, sweet pea,

Well, am I glad to see you today. It's so good to have some adult company.

{Between you and me, the chicken pox saga is somewhat taking its toll on my sanity.}

Have you chosen your outfits for Wednesday's English Garden Linky Party at Modern Country Style?

I'm thinking some posh wellie boots would go down well.

Yup, this is definitely the outfit I have in mind.


Please will you come along and link up your garden/ flower (fake or otherwise)/ outdoors posts too (the grabbable button is on my sidebar to your right)?

{I can't very well have a dress like that and prance around on my own, now, can I?!

Oh, alright, I probably could but it would be *so* much more fun with you.}


Now onto the rosebuds.

This is one of those excellent crafts that pretty easy to put together but looks absolutely awesome when it's done.

Here's what you'll be needing:

A packet of dried rosebuds, which, if you're wondering where to find them, I got easily-peasily from eBay. My second home.

Some firm but malleable wire

Pretty ribbon

Step 1
Take a rosebud and push it onto the end of the wire. If your wire isn't stiff enough then you can use a needle to make a hole and then slip the wire through that.

Step 2
Repeat until you have between 20 and 30 rosebuds on the wire then snip off the wire with a few cm spare at each end..

Step 3
This part depends on what shape you want to make. If, for example, you're after a heart then simply bend the two ends round until they touch and twist together to secure, trimming off excess if necessary. Shape the wire-loop into a heart.

Step 4
Attach pretty ribbon.

Step 5
For a gorgeous finishing touch, swivel the rosebuds so that the stalks all face same the same way.

Step 6*
Love Modern Country Style for always.

Mine are up and look so lovely and romantic. Tomorrow I'll be sharing my rosebud reveal.

Can't wait!

* Step 6 optional