Tell me.
Did you know it was coming?
We had a whole load of brightly coloured girls' bedrooms (here).
Then I shared lots more girls' bedrooms with neutral colour schemes (here). 
Both those posts (full of glorious images though they were) left me yearning for more.

I want both.
The cool, calm restfulness of neutrals 
but the personality of colour.

This is my solution:

....but not, not, not any old pink.

I want it to look:
Gorgeous. Girlie. Graceful.

Hang on a second.
With the vast array of pinks out there, 
who could do all the donkey-work for you 
and narrow down to the perfect pink?

You cheeky monkey.
But seeing as it's you...
.....go on then....

Have a wonderfully restful weekend 
and I'll see you on Monday 
with my favourite ever pink...

and the beginnings of our room reveal!!

Images: Mesa De Juegos, Ana Coredeiro, Ana Cordeiro, unknown