So many of you have emailed me to ask about the paint colour 
that we used in the split-bedroom that I thought I'd put together another 
Farrow and Ball Paint Case Study just for you!

We first painted this bedroom for our gorgeously newborn boy/girl twins 
so I wanted a colour that seemed girlie AND masculine at the same time. 

Farrow and Ball's Hay was the perfect choice.

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While it's all very well gazing at gorgeously put-together magazine shots of Farrow and Ball paint colours, very often they are colour-adjusted so that what you imagine will be a gently dirtied cream is actually a strong mint green {yes, that's happened to me..}. To avoid such a catastrophe coming your way, I put together my case studies using both collated images AND photos from my own home from different times of day and under different lighting conditions so that you can see EXACTLY the colours you truly love.

For example, here is the same part of the bedroom showing how Farrow and Ball Hay can change under different lighting conditions:

Farrow and Ball Hay under strong midday sunlight...

...on an overcast morning...

...and with fading evening light.

Ours is a south-east facing room so it gets warm light much of the day but when Farrow and Ball's Hay is used on north-facing walls, it takes on a greener hue:

Farrow and Ball describe Hay as 'a bright but not excessively hot yellow', which I'd say is bang on. There's nothing citrussy going on with this colour.

Although Hay is quite a strong colour, it also has a lovely mellow quality, which prevents it from seeming over-whelming.

I love it!
Do you?

Images via: Misi, Bryella, Ocean Bathrooms, mine, mine, mine, Vintage Heart Duckumu