After deciding that we were plumping for a pink colour scheme in our girls' bedroom makeover, I began the time-consuming but full-of-pleasure process of narrowing down the perfect pink.

And you thought choosing off-white was hard? 
My off-white trials and tribulations have got nothing on picking out pink paint, which seem to fall into two categories: 

too lilac 
or too orange

Aaargh. So annoying. 

Until I found this:

Farrow and Ball's Middleton Pink.

It has just enough warmth to look gentle and girlie 
and just enough coolness to look classic and elegant.
The perfect Modern Country Pink...

I'm a massive fan of Farrow and Ball's paints. 
Yes, they are more expensive than other paints but I find the quality of colour completely worth the extra pennies. Plus, even the more expensive paints are still relatively cheap in terms of their transformative effects.

In full sun, Farrow and Ball's Middleton Pink looks almost white and yet, in the mornings and evenings, it takes on a beautifully warm hue. 
Mellow and gentle and restful.

And now, 
*drum roll*
here are the very first sneak-peak photos of how 
Farrow and Ball's Middleton Pink 
looks in our girls' bedroom:

Gorgeous, huh?

See how the colour builds up intensity in the shadows?

It's able to look ethereally pale:

But still manages to hold it's own against the white ceiling:

As dusk draws in, Middleton Pink takes on a cooler tone, but is still definitely pink:

When choosing Farrow and Ball paints for children's rooms, it's well worth choosing their Modern Emulsion. The Estate Emulsion does give a chalkier, matter finish but I've found that it doesn't stand up as well to the extreme wear and tear that children's rooms receive. 
{Well, our children's rooms, at least!!}

With Modern Emulsion, the finish is still very matte but is wipeable. I save the Estate Emulsion for areas with lower traffic {and fewer sticky fingers!}.

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Images via: Farrow and Ball, unknown, Yvestown, Peter Scott Interior Desgn, 
Razmataz, American Girl In Chelsea, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine