I absolutely LOVE the part where I get to narrow down exactly the look that I want one of our rooms to have. I so enjoy playing around with different schemes and ideas, don't you?

But where to begin?
Well, I thought I'd show you the process I go through step by step.

First off, I want a basic colour palette to work from.
Let's have a look at colour scheme option one:

I guess this is a bit of a broad theme for one post. 
So broad, in fact, that it could be split into three further categories 
{and then, no doubt, eighteen sub-groups and forty-three meta-sub-groups....}.

You can either go in a vintage direction, like these images, 
which I think can work extremely well in children's bedrooms. 
Sturdy, brash and practical....

with blocks of colours...

and funky retro patterns...

Or, if you love a bold look, then why not embrace it with 
bright for bright's sake...

Look at this gorgeous wall-paper.
Not my cup of tea but I bet any little girl would adore 
staring at it as she fell asleep each night...

And, woooooah
that's not what I'd call a restful children's bedroom, 
but it's certainly attention-grabbing...

And lastly, as you might have guessed, my favourite: 
subtle with a pop of bright.

Not too overwhelming, easy on the eye, not too kitsch. 
I do love the look of this room....
but it seems a bit impractical with that spindly light 
and lack of storage. 
Am I being too picky?

Now, let me have it...which is your favourite?

Images: 1st Option, Despues, A Paddington Perspective, Bloesem Kids, House To Home