Today, I wanted to share some more of the details that have really bought our girls' bedroom alive.

First up, may I introduce you to the snuggliest rug in the world? The double soft and tactilicious. If you have a longish, thinnish space to fill, such as this space between the bed and the chest of drawers, then do consider a double sheepskin. It's literally two sheepskins carefully stitched together to make this gorgeous fluffy rug.

When my girlies saw their new rug for the first time, they both rushed over and lay with their little faces pressed into it. That's how inviting it is. 

{One tip is to look out for ivory, rather than cream sheepskins, as they can give a rather nicotine-stained appearance. Yuck.}

Secondly, the lampshade of gorgeousness. I know that when you move into a house, it's so tempting to just put up any old shades until you get around to buying the shade of your dreams.....and then live with those tatty old things for years and years. Don't do it! Lovely lampshades don't have to be terribly expensive to make a room seem loved.

We chose a pretty empire shade from The White Company. Its pink gingham finish ties the room together beautifully. 

It's so easy to pass over lighting but it makes the hugest difference to the final feel of any room....which leads me on to Wednesday's post rather nicely...