It's time for another book review, huzzah! 

Do you fancy joining me on my tea-drinking tour through this lovely book? 
Well, come and take a seat....let's dive in together....

Today's choice is Perfect English Farmhouseby Ros Byam Shaw, with fantastic photography by Jan Baldwin. These two women make a brilliant pairing, and collaborated on Ros' previous book in this series 'Perfect English Cottage'

Ros Byam Shaw knows her stuff; having been Features Editor at World of Interiors, and Deputy Editor of W magazine, Ros now works as a freelance writer for interiors' magazines, as well as taking time out to create some of the best interior books around. Yes, I'm officially a fan!

I don't review any old book here on Modern Country Style, only the cream of the crop make it through. And Perfect English Farmhouse
does not disappoint. It features page after page of gorgeous farmhouses showcasing a whole range of different styles. 

Each chapter is devoted to a specific Farmhouse feel: 
Organic, Traditional, Fresh, No Frills and Funky.

At the end of each section is an inspired summing-up, picking out elements that can be used in any house.

Perfect English Farmhouse falls firmly into the Country end of my interior-related book collection. The houses featured are all beautifully rustic and have the most amazing period features. Just look at these banisters for example...

Or these beams...

And, yes, Cabbages and Roses table cloth, don't think I don't have my beady eye on you...

However, of all the pictures in the entire book (and it is a bit of a tome!), the next one is The One that got my heart thumping harder.....

Isn't it beautiful? The colours, the simple style, the fabrics...
A closer look into the bathroom?

If you look past the gorgeous buildings, each home has been so carefully and so lovingly put together that it's hard not to want to up sticks to a farm this very second. However, for those of you firmly ensconced in the city, there's plenty  of ideas here for you too. No flagstones necessary!

I can't decide whether I'd like all my back issues stacked up like that, stunning though they look here. 
How long would it realistically stay a neat, tall pile? 

Published by Ryland, Peters and Small, Perfect English Farmhouse just oozes relaxed British style. I'd bet that each of these farmhouses has a boot-room full of muddy boots and riding hats.

It is true that it's the photographs that draw you into the book initially but it's Ros Byam-Shaw's lively writing that kept me there all the way through.

Perfect English Farmhouseis one of those books that is just perfect for this time of year when you want to hunker down after long walks with snuggly blankets, steaming cups of milky tea and thick woollen socks.

A very pleasurable morning's read indeed!

{Edited note: Woah! I've been bombarded with emails asking where my cup and saucer is from. As well as replying individually to emails, I thought I'd share with you here too for all those too shy to ask! The cup and saucer are from Polie Pottery....have a look here}