Today, I want to share specifics of what to do when you want the warmth and romance of florals but hate the chintzy look.

Here's my handy guide to using florals in a 
Modern Country scheme.

One. Stick to using florals only on your soft furnishings. 
You can amp up the romance by including quilts and curtains....

...or keep it low-key by giving the floral treatment to just one or two cushions.

Two. Using only one design allows you to include more pattern in the room, without increasing the impact-overload....

Three. If you want to mix and match patterns then restrict the colour palette of the designs you use. So here, for example, only white and crimson have been allowed in the room schemes, creating a gently laid-back vibe.

...and this room uses the same colour scheme but has kept the use of scarlet to the very minimum.

Four. Incorporate a feature wall, using wallpaper with a vintagey floral design wallpaper. Pick out paint for the rest of the room in the background hue of the wallpaper so that the papered wall blends beautifully with the rest of the room. 

In the next few posts, I'll stop the teasing and get on showing you how we've carried out these ideas in our home...

and, yes, it just might involve some gorgeous Cabbages and Roses!

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