We can't possibly cover all the ins and outs of doing up our girls bedroom without talking about the nitty-gritty of keeping things looking pretty...once the camera turned off, I mean. Let's get real: most likely, those wellies have been entangled in the chandelier in an innocent game of catch, bringing the whole thing crashing down...

{don't tell me you can't see that happening...}

If only the toys that children leave around the house looked like this,
boots neatly paired, car parked just-so, 
there would be no need for 
super-tidying solutions.

But they don't so there is....

You should know that we have five children 
so when it comes to keeping mess at bay, 
I'm pretty much a pro!

Drop by next week and see 
the very best problem-solving tips I've found 
for keeping things ship-shape.

Image via: House to Home