I'm not sure that's there's much in life that is more 
deliciously tactile than sheepskin.

Just look at these lovely images.
Don't they make you want to 
dive in head-first to the deep, shaggy pile?
To bury your face into the luxurious softness?

They did go through a rather sad phase of looking terribly dated but, huzzah!, they're back with a vengeance, looking as classic as ever but, the wonderful thing is, they're bigger and better than before.

You can buy sheepskin in a whole range of colours, either dyed or from rare breeds, which can give beautiful fleeces like these:

Sheepskin is so beautifully natural. 
It's an easy way to rock the rustic vibe.

If you're looking to add a little more Country to an otherwise Modern space, then sheepskin may just be the answer you're searching for.

And size-wise, the sky's the limit. 
Fleeces can be carefully sewn together to create one enormous sheepskin. 

There are loads of options too. Whether you use sheepskin as a rug...

a throw....

or simply as a cushion....

...it's a brilliant way to add natural texture to any room. 
And, what's more, they're relatively cheap too.

It's all good news today, my pumpkins.

Especially a certain girlie bedroom.....?

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