Two of our girls share a bedroom, so, as I explained hereI wanted to make their beds a special private space. After this post, I had lots of questions asking about the bedding we've used.

The bedding is from The White Company. We chose the Milly Quilt plus Pink Gingham duvet covers and Oxford pillow cases.

Now on with the Keep It Tidy Tip....

Something I've found pleasantly surprising with my littlies is that they respond fantastically well to the idea of having lovely things in their rooms once they've learnt to keep their space looking mostly presentable.

I make it clear that when they keep their bits and pieces tidy like big girls do {ahem} then...and only then....could they have the big-girls room they were asking for. worked a treat!

Not so much a bribe, rather an incentive, I like to think...

I find The White Company's bedding to be absolutely the best value for money. The quilts, in particular, are beautifully made. Plus they are machine washable, for any accidents that may come my way. 

{Didn't I say no felt tips in the bedroom? Gaaaaah!}

Speaking of very pretty things, 
there's a Modern Country Style giveaway 
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