Right then. Back to the delicious business of redoing our girls' bedroom. Remember, before the summer holidays all rolled into one hectic (but lovely) roller coaster, we were in the process of turning this room into a heavenly haven for two of our girls?

Well, now, I'm back on track!

So today, let's go girly. 
And let's go floral.

There are several ways you can go with florals in girls bedrooms. Let's take a closer peek at each, shall we?

Romantic Florals

The first is the most obvious. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Particularly for little girlie girls with swathes of pink flowers adorning every corner, romantic florals are the way to go.

The trick with this look, if you want to rock your Modern Country booty, is to keep those florals unobtrusive so that they blend in to the room as a whole. The very last thing you want is chintzy overload, so avoid  florals that are overly busy or overly loud. Gentle and subtle are where it's at.

Industrial Florals

The floral duvet cover and pillows give this otherwise quite stark room a girlie touch. Wouldn't this look be great for a tomboy with just an edge of femininity? Plus this is a room your little one won't be growing out of any time soon. In fact, I wouldn't mind sleeping there myself. But I think that's where the problem lies with this room. It's a little bit too grown up. It needs a bit of a design eye to appreciate the contrasts between the grey brick wall, and the cuddly giraffe. I'm not sure my little girls are quite up for that yet!!

So while this look is uber-cool, I'll be passing it by.....

Country Florals

How could we do florals without delving into the Country look?
Ruffles and painted furniture and chandeliers and elegance. By keeping the walls a subdued Modern Country colour (try any of  these), here, a washed out watery-grey, the whole room suddenly become current and gorgeous.

It's always super-useful to completely immerse yourself in inspiration. Not from one photo, or from two, but from lots and lots and lots. It lets your ideas gradually unfurl. Little seeds of loveliness are sown in your creative imaginings without you even realising.

This process helped me to identify the feel I wanted for our girls room. Come back on Wednesday, when I'll be sharing exactly what I mean...... 

Images via: Silentime, Silentime, unkown, Tia Zolden, Kate Forman