For our girls' bedroom, we decided on a gentle blend of florals in a restricted palette of white and pinks, which helps keep the chintzy look at arms length.
{though that's not to say that it can't look beautiful in some settings
....just not what I was after in this room}

We're also limited the florals to the soft furnishings:
The curtains. 
The quilts. 
The bunting. 
{How could there not be bunting?
This is Modern Country, after all. ;-)}

It's all very well showing beautiful images from glossy magazines but how do these ideas translate to real rooms with real children in real families?

The very happy answer is really rather well.
This is a look that feels homely and sweet and cosy 
- just right for my gorgeous girlies.

I began where I believe all bedrooms should start: 
the bed.
The delicious focal point of the room.

I wanted the girls' beds to be a real haven, 
somewhere they can flop with their cuddly toys 
and a good book and 
just forget about the cares of the day.

Somewhere that I can snuggle them down 
with a hot water bottle as the nights draw in....

but where a hot water bottle is never strictly necessary because the bed is 

And, let me tell you, the girls LOVE it,
which, to me, is the best test of all!

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