I received lots of questions throughout this Modern Country Girls' Bedroom series about where we sourced various items, so I thought I'd include all my favourites in one handy reference post. 

I love the paint colours in your girls' bedroom! What did you use?
We used Farrow and Middleton Pink (Colour Study here) in their Modern Emulsion, which stands up to little children's sticky fingers very well! It's a gentle, enveloping pink, not at all cold but not overly sweet either. Just what I was searching for!

...and Dulux White on the ceiling and woodwork.

Where can I buy Dulux White?
Dulux White is a really lovely plain and simple white, particularly in gloss form. As it ages, it turns very slightly creamy, which I love. However, it does seem hard to track down, largely because there are millions of other types of white paint to confuse us all! I buy Dulux White from Relics of Witney - you can order it here.

Your curtains are beautiful! I'd love to know where they're from.
The fabric is from Cabbages and Roses. We've used their gorgeous Hatley fabric in the pink colourway. I am officially in love with all things Hatley! It's a style that seems completely timeless yet also manages to be the height of fashion at the same time. Magic...

What heading did you use for the curtains? It's so pretty.
We used a simple pencil pleat. I didn't want anything complicated to detract from the delicate gorgeousness of the Cabbages and Roses' Hatley!

Where can I get some of that bunting? It's perfect!
I'm sorry to be super-annoying but this is a one-off from Ebay. It's worth keeping an eye out for as similar items do come up sometimes.

Please will you tell me where you bought your girls' bedding?
The Millie quilts, pink gingham pillow cases and duvets are all from The White Company. The girls love them too!

I love the colour of your lamp!

All the furniture is mine from when I was a little girl!

The lampshade is from The White Company

Are your doors original?
No, we bought our doors from a local salvage yard, and had them stripped and waxed. They originally belonged to Oxford University. {I love that!}

Is the stone wall original?
Yes, it is. Funnily enough, when it was part of the larger room, I really didn't like the look of it, it seemed odd-looking, but since we've split the room into two, I've totally changed my tune; it gives this bedroom bags of character.

Was the flooring original?
Yes, the pine floorboards were underneath the pink carpet that was here when we moved in. We had them sanded, stained with Colron's Medium Oak woodstain and then sealed with clear matte varnish.

What did you do with that sweet chest of drawers in the 'Before' photo?
It belonged to the previous owners! This photo is from before we moved in.

Do your girls keep their room that tidy all the time?
Hah! What do you think?! Actually, they are pretty great at tidying - and I've provided loads of storage in this room, which definitely helps!

I have to say I've loved every moment of creating our Modern Country Girls' Bedroom....I sometimes stand in here and just breathe it all in!!