You know what it's time for now, my darlings, don't you? 
The full reveal of our 
Modern Country Style girls' bedroom! 

Yes, it's finally here!

What do you think it is that gives this room its 
Modern Country interior?

I'd say the Country elements come from the use of:
 gentle florals, 
wooden furniture, 
stripped flooring 
and bunting....

.... while the Modern edge comes from working within a very restrained palette of pink, white and warm, golden wood, limited pattern and creating an atmosphere of uncluttered calm {only possible by allowing for LOTS of storage in the bedroom!}.

It's the way both the Modern and the Country elements combine that make this room feel so deliciously Modern Country!

Would you like to see how we got here?

It all started with this:

Photo form before we moved in!

It was one, very large bedroom, which was originally the Master Bedroom of the house: except we're now transforming the top floor of the house into our Master Suite so this room was a bit of a nothing-y space. 

Our solution was to split this room into two, each with a window of its own. The unusual L-shape created by the large bay window made this work fantastically well. In fact, the new layout somehow feels as though it was 'meant' to happen, as though the house was calling for it, if that makes sense.

It was initially home to our twins when they were teeny-tiny but then the time came to create our first Modern Country gorgeous girls' bedroom..... {cue jumping for joy!}

The girls' room isn't large, a small double at best, so my vision was to design their bedroom to feel soft and enveloping. Cosy but peaceful. I didn't want any one area of the room to catch attention, but for the space to blend into one seamless whole, each section luring the eye onto the next.

On Wednesday, I'll do a full breakdown of where we sourced each of the main items in the room, as I've had lots of queries throughout the series. If you have a specific question that's been burning away in your mind then do let me know in the comments section, or by email.