Hello gorgeousnesses,
Welcome to the first in the new series:
Getting Your Home Ready For Christmas.

Today's post is not what you think.

At first glance, it might look all about the lovely pictures and, in a way, you'd be right, but actually, that's not at all the main point.

No, today is the first of several posts about how to look BEHIND the prettiness of magazine shoots and to be able to identify what it is that makes them so eye-candy-worthy, in order to take inspiration for your own home this Christmas-time.

Let's take a look at these gorgeous images from The White Company.

Lush, no?

But what is it in the way this house has been styled that allows the products to shine so wonderfully?

Just take a peek.
Can you see ANY unintended clutter?
Nope, thought not. Not one jot.

Of course, this is a photo-shoot and thoroughly unrealistic for every day family life BUT there's plenty you can do with your home to fight against the tide of clutter.

Every single item in these photos is gorgeous. I'm afraid the same can't always be said for our home (laundry for a family of seven anyone??!)....

Yes, we've ALL got stuff that needs hiding....
what's needed is a solution that's pretty AND effective.....

And I've got just the thing....

On Thursday, I'll be sharing one of my favourite tips from our home....

All images via The White Company