Before I even start to think about Christmas Day itself, I love mulling over getting our home gradually ready for that top layer of super-festive scrumdiddlyumptiousness. 

And that got me thinking: we all want the same, simple things at this time of year. A warm, beautifully lit space of our own to welcome friends and family into at Christmas-time....does that sound too much? Let's break it down a bit, shall we? 

What is it exactly that makes your home warm and welcoming? How do you actually get to that point of household loveliness...and without having any kind of nervous breakdown?

Is that feeling of welcoming warmth definable, explainable, tangible? 
I think it definitely IS!

Don't you wish there was an easy, step-by-step guide that took you through the process of getting your house looking absolutely beautiful so that those Christmassy layers can fall into place as the final flourish?

{you knew that was coming, right!?}

Beginning next week, I'm starting a new series called Getting Your Home Ready For Christmas. You're about to find out all my favourite projects, tips and buys on how to get your home ready for Christmas....some are easy-peasy, others take a little more thought...but I can promise that all of them will help to give YOUR home that Modern Country Christmas magic.

Images via Journal De Maison