Hey pumpkins,

Do you have Clutter Zones in your house? Those spaces that ALWAYS seem to have odds and sods lurking messily? My first top tip in this Getting Your Home Ready For Christmas series is this:
Use baskets in your Clutter Zones.

Living right on the edge of the country means that we're often tramping across muddy fields....and then building up a pile of messy boots by the front door? Oh no, you don't! A large basket in the hall is the perfect Modern Country Style solution! 

{mine are rattan lovelies from Garden Trading...you can get them here}

Throws and Cushions
We often have a full house with various friends who come a-lounging. I keep extra cushions and throws in a basket so they are easily accessible for spending long evenings chatting by the fire...

Now we get on to the real glamour of my life...Lugging large piles of laundry here, there and everywhere takes up lots of my time at the moment with so many littlies. I try and make the experience as lovely as possible by using...you've guess it...a basket! 

If you're anything like me, then you have a stash of pretty fabrics waiting to find their purpose in life. I've found that if they're out, but in a way that looks pretty, then I'm far more likely to do something with them, then when they're hidden in the depths of a cupboard...

I love getting a basket of goodies ready when we have guests to stay. Towels, toiletries and a hair drier all fit in just so! Baskets are PERFECT for open storage. I love the soft greige tones of these ones.

Each month, I dust down my back issues of favourite magazines for that particular time of year and plop them all in a basket by my bed. Then I make a large mug of chai, and spend the most delicious evening flicking through. Chocolate may also be involved.

I guess the moral of the story is this: The clutter is there for a reason...you have to actually live in your home, after all, but it needn't look messy. And, in fact, with these gorgeous rattan baskets, those clutter zones can become a real eye-catcher.

To everyone over the other side of the pond, 
Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow!