That's decided, then: it's a date. Next week is Modern Country Style's Wreath Week. I'll share with you how to put a wreath together from scratch, and then all sorts of beautiful ideas for decorating them.

Thank you to those of you who've emailed me questions and suggestions, I'll be adding those in for sure. Keep 'em coming!

Today, I am so pleased to welcome Tricia here from A Rosy Note. She is so awesomely talented: gorgeous crafts, amazing rooms and brilliant ideas. Is there nothing this girl can't do?

Hi everyone!  I am so happy to be here today at Sarah's beautiful blog.  Sarah has always been such a supportive and sweet blog friend, so when she asked me to guest post I was thrilled.  To give you a hint of what my blog, A Rosy Note, is all about, Sarah asked me these questions.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hmm...this question kind of makes me feel like I am on a job interview.  What to say?  What to say? about I just give you a top ten list about me? Here goes, in no particular order, of course.  I...
  1. love drawing, design, decorating and photography.
  2. am the mother of two wonderful children and love, love, love my family.
  3. go to Target far too often.
  4. have owned my own business, a home furnishings and gift boutique.
  5. am a vegetarian.
  6. love to decorate model husband is a builder/remodeler.
  7. live in Minnesota, but would prefer to be somewhere warmer and more exotic.  Italy sounds good.
  8. like to organize...sad, but true.
  9. love to travel.
  10. have a degree in Psychology.'s hard to define yourself by ten items, but for right now this is my list.  I'm sure I'll want to change it the minute it gets posted though :)

What gave you the idea to start your blog, A Rosy Note?
Well, I lurked around some sewing, crafting and design blogs for about a year and absolutely loved them.  I have a severe magazine addiction and looking through blogs seemed similar to looking at magazines...all the stories, crafts and style...I was in love.  I had been wanting to do something creative and really felt like I was meant to start a blog, I don't know why...hopefully it leads me somewhere, like to the place I am meant to be.

{Yes, me again! Isn't this room gorgeous? I love the books on the beautiful shelf above the bed.}

What is your favorite style of decorating and why?
Nothing I can really define for you.  I like a variety of things...European country, modern contemporary, Scandinavian design and even colorful, artistic decor.  I think my bedroom is a good indicator of my overall style, it has a mix of old and new, as well as a simple palette with a little splash of color.  To my eye, it does need a few more modern elements though.  Everyone else seems to like it too, since it was one of my most popular posts.

Can you tell us about your best crafty project so far?
Hmmm...probably the felt flowers.  They were simple, turned out so cute and didn't cost much either.  The nice thing about them is they can be used in a variety of ways...on a pillow, a gift or maybe as a pretty accent to a purse or coat.

Well, that's it folks.  I so enjoyed visiting with everyone here at Modern Country Style today.  Thanks for having me, Sarah!  I would love it if you all popped over to visit me too.  Tricia♥

Aren't Tricia's photos beautifully put together? They're so dreamy. I could just stare and stare! 

Do you remember this cinnamon and heart garland from a few posts ago? It's the first of our decorations to be put up and it looks so lovely in it's new home! Very Christmassy and, kind of Country, but in a Modern way. Does that sound like my cup of tea?!!

{Modern.....Country....see what I did there?!}


I can't wait to show you, gorgeous chickadees!