I had the most amazing day yesterday at the Country Living Christmas Fair in London on my day out with my Mum. We had such a lovely time together.

Want to see a selection of the pretty things I somehow acquired?

How does that happen?!!!

Here they are in all their glory.....

First is a present for my eldest daughter, who's getting pretty good at sewing. It felt so special to be buying her first sewing box. We usually do something special together, just her and me, on a Monday evening. She chooses what we should do and almost always chooses sewing. 

I thought she'd love to have a box of her very own. It's really beautifully finished.... I'm going to fill it with lovely crafty bits and bobs for her.

I hope I don't want to keep it for myself!!

Didn't I tell you sharing wasn't my strong-point?! 

This beautiful Hold-All is for my daughters for Christmas.

Shhhh! Don't tell....

It's to keep their school uniforms neat over-night.

Between you and me, that's instead of on a crumpled heap on the floor....

Oh, and just look at Mr Robin. He's the cutest, sweetest Christmas bauble ever.

Give us a twirl, Mr Robin. Go on, don't be shy.

Isn't he adorable? He's all round and plump and gorgeous.

And weren't these next ones a bargain? Six felt, blanket-stitched Christmas-tree decorations for £8.

I saved so much I had to buy two packets....

Here's what it was like yesterday so you can imagine you were there too.
The lighting seemed all weird for my camera yesterday so I found some better versions of the images online.
Jan Constantine with her gorgeous cushions...

Doesn't it look amazing?

{What's your favourite Christmas day out?}


Images other than mine: Best Venue, Archival Living, My Black Book, Cashmere Blog, Cavania, Country Living, Snapdragon, Design on Pine