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Over the weekend I was pottering craftily around and ended up with these tea-light holders that turned out so unexpectedly beautifully that I felt I had to share them with you.

My weapons of choice on this occasion were: an old book, a jam jar and some gorgeous ribbon.

Aaaah, I love ribbon so much, don't you? Even just to look at on the reel, ribbon makes me want to hop around with excitement.

Okay, so, I tore out two pages from the book.

I should point out here that this was a lovely Enid Blyton book that had been in the hands of my children when they were little so it had been somewhat decimated already.

Place them landscape in front of you and fold over the top of each so the total height matches the look you want when the pages are on the jam jar.

Insert one page into the other.

Glue in place and press to smooth.

Wrap this strip of pages around your jam jar.

Slip one edge of the page-strip into the other end.

Choose some of your pretty ribbon and wrap that around the circumference of the jar. Fold under one of the ends and glue this folded-under end over the other end to give a neat finish.

Repeat as many times as you want!

I wanted three. I like things in groups of three. Why? I haven't a clue!! I just find it pleasing to my eye.

I used one ribbon for one of the candle holders and another ribbon for two of the others.

Stand back and admire your work.

I love these so much. I love the ribbons, obviously.

Seriously, is there any one in the world who doesn't love ribbons?

I especially love them here against the gentle sepia of the old pages.

All the different textures work beautifully together.

The slight coarseness of the pages.

The tactile softness of the ribbons.

The steely smooth surface of the glass.

Yum. Yum. Yum.

Yes, they're so scrumptious I could almost gobble them all up.

And how do they look with candles in? 

Well, I think that's quite enough excitement for one day (did your parents say that to you too?!). I'll show you where I put these lovelies in my next post.

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