Disclaimer: When we were renovating our Master bedroom I was heavily pregnant with twins (heavy being the operative word!! I was HUUUUGE!). Not ideal timing, I admit, but we needed to crack on with getting the building work done and dusted before we had two little babies to look after. So the blame for any melodrama that occurs in this post can be firmly placed at the feet of that particular chapter of my life.

Getting the doors right was the hardest part of creating a Modern Country interior in this room. Possibly because I thought it would be a breeze.

Expectations SOOOO wrong...

Have you been to architectural salvage yards?

This was our first experience.

I was a naive Reclaiming Rookie.

We were looking to replace not just the door to our bedroom but all the doors on the middle floor too so we knew we wanted a matching set. Or as close a match as possible.

I had an image in my mind that they'd have a neat row of beautiful doors to choose from that I could take away that day.


There were long stacks of them that were REALLY heavy to move to even start to see if the doors were good in enough. Let alone get doors out to examine them in detail.

Everything was grubby. And I had white jeans on.

White jeans. Pregnant with twins. I know....What was I thinking?

Step in Mr Modern Country. Salvage Superhero...

After lots of trips to lots of different yards, looking through lots and lots of hideous doors, we finally came to Farringdon Architectural Antiques in Oxfordshire.


This yard was different to the others. The man was really helpful....or was I more exacting?

Time was ticking on, my friend...and those twins were coming out....doors or no doors.....I may or may not have had a wild look in my eyes.

He seemed to know exactly what we were after and produced, as if by magic, the number of doors we needed, that had...wait for it....been part of one of the Oxford Colleges until a recent refurb meant they were removed. Wahey!

Will I be taking them? Errrr.....yes pleeeeease!

We had them stripped and waxed by the yard and they were delivered and fitted in the twinkling of an eye.

I find all's well that ends well when you're pregnant with twins and have a wild look in your eye. You should try it some time when you next need to buy doors from an architectural salvage yard.

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